How To Color Your Apartment


While choosing an apartment, do you consider the color of each room to be an important criterion? If you do, then you’re halfway there. But most people miss out on the significance of this important part of ambiance that colors your living air.

So if you’re going to choose the best of Salt Lake City apartments, you’re going to make one of the most important choices of your life. And what’s more important than choosing the color you’re going to live in?


Different colors affect the brain differently. For example, you recognize a warning sign just by its red or yellow color. You feel calm and at peace in a meadow or a green landscape. White gives you a sense of cleanliness. But to choose a color that will affect a long term ambiance, you have to choose wisely. Read on to find out what effects a room color would have on you:

Red is the warmest color. It excites your brain to release adrenaline which increases heart rate, blood glucose and respiration. It inspires energetic behavior and enthusiasm. So it is equally recommended for living rooms and energetic bedrooms. Use a darker shade that comforts your eyes.

Blue has a tranquilizing effect on the mind. It is best recommended for rooms that receive direct sunlight as it is unpleasant and depressing in electric lights. A grey-blue color will keep you cool and serene in a reading room.

Green gives you a primitive sense of safety, and is therefore considered most restful to the eye. It is both refreshing and cheerful, and inspires affection between individuals. The freshness of grass green will help you wake up as soon as sunlight fall on it, so it’s a good choice for your bedroom if you’re an early bird.

Yellow is a cheery color. It infuses you with liveliness and puts you in a good mood. Because bright yellow is rare in an uninhabited landscape, it gives the impression of the presence of life. A yellow kitchen will make you more lively and appreciate your food more.

Purple provides richness and sophistication. It used to be the color of wealth until the end of the Victorian era and is still used to portray a sense of dramatic luxury and royalty. Use it primarily for fabrics, curtains and doormats.

Orange invokes excitement and happiness. It increases sensory perception and makes you conscious of your emotions, so that you feel more alive. Use it where you family usually gathers – dining rooms, TV walls, playhouses etc.

Black, White and Greys have no independent effect of their own. These colors free you from excessive distractions and let you concentrate. If you want your room to reflect the environment outside faithfully, use fifty shades of grey and let in some sunlight. What’s more, they never get out of vogue.

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